Friday, October 1, 2010

How Twitter Helps Real Time Video Updates

The changing face of video sharing is affecting more and more fields. Recently there was fire that broke out near Utah at an army machine gun facility. The fire burned over 20 thousand acres, and they evacuated may be 1,700 homes. It lit up the Utah skyline. You could see the fire from everywhere, but you couldn’t see local television news coverage of what was happening. So people were taking videos with their cell phones, and were attaching that video to their tweets. Then the local news stations were actually picking up people’s twitter feeds and using those videos as part of the community updates (or visual updates).

A year ago you wouldn’t have gone to twitter for the real time updates. Before this, you would have had to have gone to a local news station or maybe to Google itself and try and search for data that was probably several hours old. But now with the new twitter, you get real time video that is both very interesting and timely. You get multiple videos in real time from different local perspectives – local videos coming in all over twitter, different fires, different houses burning, and evacuation of animals – all kinds of things that were happening.

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