Monday, July 26, 2010

Marketing Videos On Video Sharing Websites

The video sharing medium has the advantage of a more direct involvement from the viewer; as opposed to the advertising in traditional media where advertisements crowd the space around the main content, using the interest in the main content to push the advertising. In a tactic similar to taking advantage of reflected light, traditional advertising wedges itself into the space between news or gaps on a TV show. Marketing videos on video sharing website, on the other hand, have viewers who choose to watch the video. Higher involvement leads to better communication.

For those who are new to the concept of marketing using video sharing website, video clips syndication makes sure that your video is seen by a maximum number of people. Video distribution sharing websites are around, that post a video on as many video sites as possible, thus improving the rate of viewership. You can also create RSS feeds that inform people who have subscribed to feed, about your new posts.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Video Clips On The Go!

Illustrate your world with video links. Think what you said did not hit hard enough? Post a video link. The new class room tool. Don't be an oldie - watch them while you exercise, travel, eat. Carry them around on phones, pads, books. There are terabytes of movies, music, amateur video and ads waiting to be called to your service. Watch videos made for the superbowl, watch videos made for the cannes film festival, watch the latest antics of celebrities, watch the world unfolding on your little screen, watch Hugh Jackman dance to the tune of Lipton, watch Jimmy Fallon dance to pepsi, or watch a bear slow dance to starbucks . It happens here. Right here - the video sharing sites.

Video Sharing Websites - The Hottest Marketing Tool

It is more than the awesomeness and convenience of simply typing in any thought and finding your screen fill with results. It's more than finding the the next numa numa guy and telling your friends about it. Video sharing websites are the hottest marketing tool that even the big guns are beginning to take notice of. Nothing like a free, as-long-as-you-want-it promotional video doing the rounds, to help your product pick up shelves. From mass-marketed products to individuals trying to provide services, the video sharing website is a great tool.

Riding on the waves of facebook and twitter, their audiences are changing faster than strategies can keep up. They are dealing with a new wave of cyber savvy customers who do not have the patience to read the marketing copy. But if something tickles them, irrespective of whether it is O&M's marketing war cry or some amateur setting his pants on fire, they will give it their attention. And bang! Catch. Free successful advertising. That's what a video sharing website could be of.

Friday, July 2, 2010

How Video Sharing Readies Up Our Lives

So you want to watch the latest trailer for Kickass. You want to do more than watch it. You want to be the first one to watch it and tell your friends about its sheer awesomeness. Of course you know where you will find it- video sharing websites. Wake up each morning, rush to your screens and type in kickass trailer. Wait with bated breath. That is, if you cannot bear to wait for the newsletters that you have signed up for, to bring you the good news. Movie watching today has evolved into a complex process, involving various stages of information gathering and processing.

There's a movie in the theatre near you. You go to your pet movie rating websites and read up on it. Next, you head for your video sharing websites and favorites and gather video information, ploughing through each trailer. It is now, finally time to watch the movie. The next scene has you rushing back to your screen, excited about the movie you just watched. Now, you want to share your views, read up others' views, comment on video clips and do your part in filling up the discussion forums. Not satisfied, you keep going back to see if the ratings have fallen or risen.

All stages religiously completed, you finally go back to your life. At least for a few hours. You've just heard about Christopher Nolan's Inception.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Video Sharing - A World In Itself

There's a video of this guy breaking an apple with his head doing the rounds. What's great about it? I don't have an answer. It just looks looks to me like an apple with his head. Like the video of a fat guy singing numa numa. Or the dramatic gopher. Or teletubbies from hell, farting babies, monkeys in kettles, supernatural paper cups. Each popular video giving birth to its follow ups, variations, other videos trying to catch up with some of the overflow. Like the light saber gopher and the dramatic lemur.

Of course there are some videos that do have a logical explanation for its popularity. Some fad? Maybe. But what it certainly tells us, is that there are a lot of bored people spending a lot of time in front of computer screens .Starting with social networking sites, the idea of being constantly hooked to the information sharing world has taken off and is constantly innovating itself. There's always more to be part of, with millions of sharing units uploading their lives as words, images, videos, sounds.

Much beyond uploading videos like movie trailers or TV shows, the video sharing medium is now a whole independent creature. With made-for-YouTube videos hitting the screens each minute, the online video sharing medium roars ahead- creating its own stars, scriptwriters, technicians- all working for the billion-headed unseen master. The guy who put up a music video against United Airlines' careless handling of luggage, cost the airlines millions of dollars in empty seats and launched his own music album.

The new world order?