Thursday, July 1, 2010

Video Sharing - A World In Itself

There's a video of this guy breaking an apple with his head doing the rounds. What's great about it? I don't have an answer. It just looks looks to me like an apple with his head. Like the video of a fat guy singing numa numa. Or the dramatic gopher. Or teletubbies from hell, farting babies, monkeys in kettles, supernatural paper cups. Each popular video giving birth to its follow ups, variations, other videos trying to catch up with some of the overflow. Like the light saber gopher and the dramatic lemur.

Of course there are some videos that do have a logical explanation for its popularity. Some fad? Maybe. But what it certainly tells us, is that there are a lot of bored people spending a lot of time in front of computer screens .Starting with social networking sites, the idea of being constantly hooked to the information sharing world has taken off and is constantly innovating itself. There's always more to be part of, with millions of sharing units uploading their lives as words, images, videos, sounds.

Much beyond uploading videos like movie trailers or TV shows, the video sharing medium is now a whole independent creature. With made-for-YouTube videos hitting the screens each minute, the online video sharing medium roars ahead- creating its own stars, scriptwriters, technicians- all working for the billion-headed unseen master. The guy who put up a music video against United Airlines' careless handling of luggage, cost the airlines millions of dollars in empty seats and launched his own music album.

The new world order?

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