Friday, July 2, 2010

How Video Sharing Readies Up Our Lives

So you want to watch the latest trailer for Kickass. You want to do more than watch it. You want to be the first one to watch it and tell your friends about its sheer awesomeness. Of course you know where you will find it- video sharing websites. Wake up each morning, rush to your screens and type in kickass trailer. Wait with bated breath. That is, if you cannot bear to wait for the newsletters that you have signed up for, to bring you the good news. Movie watching today has evolved into a complex process, involving various stages of information gathering and processing.

There's a movie in the theatre near you. You go to your pet movie rating websites and read up on it. Next, you head for your video sharing websites and favorites and gather video information, ploughing through each trailer. It is now, finally time to watch the movie. The next scene has you rushing back to your screen, excited about the movie you just watched. Now, you want to share your views, read up others' views, comment on video clips and do your part in filling up the discussion forums. Not satisfied, you keep going back to see if the ratings have fallen or risen.

All stages religiously completed, you finally go back to your life. At least for a few hours. You've just heard about Christopher Nolan's Inception.

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