Monday, July 12, 2010

Video Sharing Websites - The Hottest Marketing Tool

It is more than the awesomeness and convenience of simply typing in any thought and finding your screen fill with results. It's more than finding the the next numa numa guy and telling your friends about it. Video sharing websites are the hottest marketing tool that even the big guns are beginning to take notice of. Nothing like a free, as-long-as-you-want-it promotional video doing the rounds, to help your product pick up shelves. From mass-marketed products to individuals trying to provide services, the video sharing website is a great tool.

Riding on the waves of facebook and twitter, their audiences are changing faster than strategies can keep up. They are dealing with a new wave of cyber savvy customers who do not have the patience to read the marketing copy. But if something tickles them, irrespective of whether it is O&M's marketing war cry or some amateur setting his pants on fire, they will give it their attention. And bang! Catch. Free successful advertising. That's what a video sharing website could be of.

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