Friday, October 1, 2010

Video Listings In Real Time Search Results

Search engines are connecting video as a highly ranking component for organic search results, and often video is a very ‘real time’ search result – which is what the search engines value greatly.

Video in search results is often of live events, a recent string of events, or recently recorded events – so it’s started to contribute to quick results in improving search engine rankings particularly as it pertains to Google (which is two-thirds of the search market today). So if you’re able to post the video along with your tweet, then Google is also showing a liking for tweets as a potential search as well. So with video and twitter, you’re kind of ‘doubling down’ on your visibility in the search engines with twitter video – with real time update through the tweet, as well as real time content through video. People who tweet are simply pulling in things that are hyper-recent (which is what Google and other search engines want); they’re not pulling in things that are old.”

No, with the new twitter, video will soon replace words. It is a boon to people using rich content like video - it’s easier for people to view and share. For marketers, it’s going to make using video better for getting their message across.

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