Monday, August 30, 2010

Online Video Is The New Television

Comedy video is now the most popular type of online video, supplanting news video which topped the list in 2007. Viewership for several other types of online video has grown significantly over the past two years, most notably educational videos, TV shows and movies, and political videos.

Despite an increase in video sharing, the survey reveals that many adults have mixed feelings about how broadly they want to share their own creations, who they think is watching, how they think their video might be used, and how careful they feel they need to be about what they post. So while video sharing is clearly trending upward, we find that many adults are ambivalent about posting videos online.

On the other side of the camera, video creation has now become a notable feature of online life. One in seven adult internet users (14%) have uploaded a video to the internet, almost double the 8% who were uploading video in 2007. Home video is far and away the most popular content posted online, shared by 62% of video uploaders. And uploaders are just as likely to share video on social networking sites like Facebook (52% do this) as they are on more specialized video-sharing sites like YouTube (49% do this).

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