Friday, August 27, 2010

Video Sharing Sites Become The "TalkingQuote"

YouTube, Google Video, and Grouper made the concept of video sharing an everyday reality for millions of people. They initially dealt with simply uploading videos and sending video URLs to friends. Soon, they were associating one video with another . Every video came with a list of similar videos that might suit the interest of a viewer watching any video. So if you are watching a music video by Akon, you get other music videos by the same artist, interviews with the atrist, live performances, TV appearances and even spoofs of the artist’s work. Now this is getting more sophisticated, to keep up with the user base that is turning bigger every day. According to surveys,more than half of American Internet users (58%) have used the Internet to watch or download videos. 19% of all Internet users watch download video online on a typical day. 74% of broadband users in US watch or download video while 39% of home dial up users watch or download videos online.

As knowledge grows beyond the known realms of art and literature, new devices are born that facilitate communication in the new medium. For the new internet medium that encompasses images, words and video, new devices are being born and classic devices recreated for the new medium. Like a quote used to illustrate a point you are explaining, now it is possible to use video quotes. Simply select the portion of the video that is relevant to your discussion and copy it on your paragraph and you have yourself a moving talking quote. Video sharing sites now allow the user to link to a particular starting point of a video. You select the point in the area where you want to close quotes and you have yourself, a video quote.

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