Thursday, August 5, 2010

Options To Consider While You Upload Videos

Missed the latest episode of your favourite show? Of course you know what to do. Get on a video sharing site and search for the episode. If you haven't tried it yet, you'll be surprised by the number of options that come up. There are dedicated fans who'll get the show uploaded as soon as the episode plays out on the telly. You are also spoilt for choice. There are uploads with subtitles, uploads without commercial breaks, uploads in HD and even dubbed versions. This is an entertainment fanatic's golden era. The age of unlimited free entertainment (of course you might have to overlook the legality of the issue in some cases). Wait. What happens to the videos you upload? Can they be viewed, edited, reposted by anyone? You might want to keep a few pointers in mind.

For starters, you can choose the people you want to be able to view your video.“Anyone”, “My Friends”, or “Just Me”.

Who do you want to be able to add comments to your videos? Comments can be added by viewers in the timeline and/or below your video.

Similarly some sites have options allowing viewers to embed your videos somewhere else. Again, you can choose the user groups who will be able to do this.

Tags are keywords associated with your content. You can decide who will be able to add tags.

If your videos are downloadable, the viewer has the option to directly save it onto his/her computer.

Hence, before uploading your video, make sure to read through the options and select the little boxes you want to check.

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