Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How Video Sharing Sites Keep Up With The Rise Of Internet Speed

The rise of internet speed all over the world is enabling more complex applications to be used on video sharing sites. With HD video loading in seconds, with multiple sharing options, a new wave of videos are hitting computer screens. Movie studios are releasing HD trailers that look and sound awesome. The trend setter was the Imax release Dark Knight which stunned audiences with an HD trailer. Today every big studio puts out teasers, trailers and interviews in high definition.

The latest trailer for David Fincher’s the social network, shows pixilation in HD. The HD trailer for Iron man 2 had breathtaking special effects. Whiplash whipping F1 cars on the Monaco track did look pretty crazy. You got to see it all, with the intricate detail of the threading on the car tires, leaning back on your chair at home. If you are not a movie buff, go for the most viewed videos around and you will be surprised what people have been spending their time watching. Staring beavers and smoking cats to people breaking their own legs, there is a million days of viewable content out there. For the discerning viewer, you also have dedicated sites for the creative community. Watch how the world is being shaped.

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